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Stations of the Cross from Home

"Human suffering is ubiquitous. What makes Jesus' death on the cross unique is not what humans did to Jesus, but that God responded with love to hate and with life to death. These video Stations of the Cross use film of more recent examples of needless suffering alongside images of Christ's passion to challenge viewers to see how Jesus' death and resurrection can redeem all of the many times and ways the innocent have endured pain even to death."

-Rev. Canon Frank Logue

About the Sources
These Stations of the Cross were created by Frank Logue using public domain videos found at These source videos include footage taken during Stalin's purges in the Soviet Union, in various wars, as well as during the Civil Rights Movement in America, and the Arab Spring Uprising and in many other tragedies large and small. Some commercial films were used—including three films of Jesus' life, The Birth of a Nation and The Passion of Joan of Arc.

Unfortunately, the most disturbing footage in these video stations is all too real and so supports the thesis of the project, that man's inhumanity to man is all too common. This makes the love of God as found in Jesus all the more astounding and reveals how utterly amazing is the grace of God that "while we were yet sinners Christ died for us."

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